When does art end and marketing begin ?


They say…” our customer, our Master!”, but does this apply in art too?

Being a successful artist means people will like and appreciate your work. Next step, they will want to buy it.  This is the general rule: you create something nice, ( whether it’s music, make -up, advertising, hand-made, photography, paintings, or you name it! ), people will definitely want to get it! Therefore they will pay for it. But if they pay, they will want something in return!  And that should be, at first side, you’ll say…quality of course!


What “quality” means for an artist, for a buyer could mean crap! Based on the classic “I’m paying , I’m saying!” as an artist, you might find yourself in the situation of doing a compromise. And this is the point where you can’t complain about it. Why?

Because you chosen to be here. You accepted to sell your work. So now it’s not really yours, you belong to the public, and let me welcome you… my dear artist, this is where you entered in the beautiful world of MARKETING!

Once you decided to sell your work, based on commissioned work (or perhaps this is your full time job), you will have to be able to make “art” compromises, and that supposes a lot of flexibility, in order to accept all the customer requirements.  You might consider yourself very lucky if people will trust you enough to let you work free, and see the result at the end. Most of them really want to ensure they are paying for something they can control.

Money and art will never truly go together, at some point you will have to decide on which side you stay. If you’re tired to get directions from your clients , you better quit marketing. If you’ re tired to be poor or unrecognized , you better start promoting and selling your work.

The bad news is you can’t have them both, it’s a thin, very thin borderline between ART and MARKETING.

Whether you will choose, just make sure you put your own style and at least people will talk about you. Even if they will hate you.

Hate is just another proof of recognition in this sick society.



The math behind the beauty


If you ever wondered why some people are generally considered beautiful, and some others not, it’s time to find out!

The answer is pure MATH! Yeah, trust me, I hate mathematics  as much as most of you guys do, but it seems maths liked me more than I did and slowly entered into my life, in my daily job and also in my passion

Yes, it’s a shock! But drawing good portraits, well, involves some math! The explanation is THE GOLDEN RATIO.

Short  history!

It all started from Leonardo Da Vinci ( Fibonacci). Da Vinci’s drawings of the human body emphasized its proportion. The ratio of the following distances is the Golden Ratio: (foot to navel) : (navel to head) , meaning 1.618…Shorter: Phi =1.6. This is the Golden Ratio number.Best architectures respect this ratio, such as the Greek Parthenon. Human body, face or teeth also meet this Phi number.

How does this apply into the art of making Portraits?


The ideal human face is the one where Golden Proportions meet and a symmetry  is created . This symmetry is easily to be noticedd first measuring the distance between forehead , nose and chin.

The report between many other distances measured on the perfect human is the Phi number of 1.6  :

– The length of the mouth divided by the length from the mouth to the end of the cheek is also 1.6 in a perfect face

– the length of the eye divided by the length of the iris is 1.6

-this number also applies to the teeth, when we divide the long side by the short side.

-Symmetry is also met when the corners of the mouth are on the same vertical line with the middle of the irises.

This proportion is repeating over and over again in what we instantly call  “a beautiful face” , so it makes sense now why some faces look so attractive.

This  concept totally impacts the art of portraits, and  also offered me the explanation  why some works once they were posted , they had been  so successful  and gathered of lot of likes and good feedback, while others- although very well done according to the picture of my subject- were not that much appreciated.

People are always attracted by this magic symmetry , so if you’re one of the lucky “winners” of a beautiful face, just enjoy it!  🙂

Unexpected- like all the good things ussually happen


It all started back in 2012.  Nothing planned. Just suddenly happened , like all the good things in this life do, in an unappropriated moment and place . I  created a Facebook page called Portraits and I started to post pictures of my old works.

After I graduated the Art School from my home town (8 years of study), I focused  on the subject I liked the most during school:  sketching portraits . So therefore, I did a lot of work during the college. Friends were always asking me to sketch them, but it never crossed my mind to make a business out of it.

So the base idea at the beginning was just to create a little exposure.  Show  some of my works, raise a couple of likes , gather some feedback…My friends liked it a lot and started to order. People started to hear about me and ask for my sketches  especially to make presents so I extended this to a ‘gift concept’.

Every time I saw a happy face when handling the work, my heart melt down. I realized that doing what you truly like, it’s a divine bless.

Thank you all who have  trusted my talent.